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Service Requests

Our goal is to ensure you are completely comfortable during your stay! Let our maintenance team know what you need.

Here's some helpful information for service on your currently occupied temporary furnished home

We check our emails Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 EST. If you have a standard service request, please either complete the form below or simply click on our maintenance email link. If using the link please include your temporary furnished home address, name and how we can assist:

Do you have an emergency outside of standard business hours? Please review list below to help clarify questions on what’s  an “emergency”.  Upon move in you’re provided with a phone # directly for property maintenance. If your emergency is noted in #’s 1-6, you’ll call that property phone # directly for assistance. For #7, please call us at  443-360-4144, leave a message and we will return your call.  This # is always monitored, however, the majority of after hours emergency maintenance is ultimately handled by property maintenance, so by calling them directly your service will be expedited.

  1. No hot water

  2. Air conditioning not working when it’s at least 82 degrees outdoors

  3. Heat not working when it’s colder than 62 degrees outdoors

  4. A major water leak causing flooding or damage

  5. If there’s only 1 toilet in your home and it’s out of order. In other words, provided there’s at least 1 functioning toilet, 1 non working toilet would not be considered standard maintenance

  6. Lock outs:  If you’ve locked yourself out of your AMF temporary furnished home, You must be prepared to show ID, be listed as a current occupant of the temporary furnished home you’re calling to gain entry into and a lock out charge will be added to your account. Please realize this is similar to hiring a locksmith service

  7.  If any of your standard utilities, which are considered electric, gas and water are completely not working. Please first ensure this is not due to an area wide outage where your temporary furnished home is located

  8. For fire or other serious emergencies please dial 911

Service Requests




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